2019 Nutrition Challenge

Join us for the CrossFit Los Al 2019 Nutrition Challenge, starting on January 14th, for anyone looking to either lose fat or gain muscle. This 45-day challenge is equally scored in two parts: 1) Improvement to body composition and 2) Class attendance. With a $30 buy-in, there will be 2 winners—one male, one female—of a cash prize.

How to Get Started:
1. Sign up on the sheet at the gym (above the water cooler) by Saturday, January 12th
2. Turn in your first weigh-in from Nutrishop Long Beach before Monday, January 14th
3. Decide what nutrition plan you’re going to follow and stick to it!

Upon signing up, you will be charged the $30 to your account (unless otherwise noted).

Weighing In

We’re teaming up with Nutrishop to measure body composition throughout the challenge. Head over to Nutrishop Long Beach, tell them you’re with CrossFit Los Al and they’ll help you measure your body fat percentage. They’ll give you a sheet to take with you to turn in to a coach before Monday, January 14th. While you’re required to turn in a sheet before the start and at the end of the challenge, we encourage you to go once a week to see how you’re progressing.


Class attendance plays as much of a role in your score as improvement to body composition does. Don’t forget to check in for each class so we can track it.


We suggest you choose one of two routes: 1) Approved Food List/Rules or 2) Flexible Dieting. If you have another nutrition plan you’d like to follow (i.e. Whole 30, paleo), that’s perfectly fine; just make sure you choose something that works for you and stick to it.

  1. Approved Food List/Rules
    • Follow these rules and approved food list throughout the 45 days. It focuses on eating real foods with mostly vegetables and smaller portions of protein and carbs. It’s simple, easy and sure to get you results.
  2. Flexible Dieting
    • If you’d like a more personal and precise meal plan (especially if you’re trying to gain muscle), we suggest calculating and tracking your macros. Macronutrients are protein, carbs and fat, and we all need different amounts of each based on our body composition and level of activity. This will take more work to plan and follow, but it’s one of the best ways to achieve body composition goals and improve your performance in the gym. To learn more about macros and a free macro calculator, click here.

For challenge- and macro-friendly recipes, head over to our Recipes Page.

Please see a coach if you have any questions. Let’s get lean!

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