Getting ready for the 2015 Crossfit Games Open

It’s a new year, and with that a new season of the Crossfit Games is upon us. Crossfit for most of us has made exercising fun, but its the community and working out with friends that really makes it FUN. Our ultimate goal is to increase our fitness level and to be healthy for as long as we can. The only way to know if you are actually getting more fit is test and re-test exercises and workouts a few times throughout year. We do this by testing our 1 rep max lifts 2-4 times a year (although you all know you want to test them every month or week, and we can talk about why thats bad in another post later) as well as some of our benchmark workouts like “Fran”, “Diane”, “Karen” etc. We also compare ourselves to other people around us, people we work out with, or friends in near places who do Crossfit.

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Hand Care

It is extremely important to take care of the callouses on your hands. If you let them build up too much they will eventually tear. At the minimum you will want to file them with a pumice stone If you can stand to use the callous remover then that is the easiest and quickest way. Another great tool is taping your hands and the video below explains how to use all the tools in the picture as well as how to make the grips for your hands. Lets try to stay rip free, because tearing your hands bloody is not really that cool!

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Kettlebell Swing Technique

We generally swing the kettlebell at least once a week and we are seeing all kinds of different swings developing. This post is going to break down the swing and talk about some ways we can become more efficient.

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