Getting Started at Los Al Athletics

Joining a new gym is exciting, but you may have some questions about the program or the facility. No worries–we’re only here to help! Here are 10 things you should know when joining Los Al Athletics to learn more about our gym, our community, and how to be successful in your training.

1. Show up early.

We only have 60 minutes with you and want to maximize your training time. We will go through a short warm-up specific to the movements you will be performing that day. But to keep your body healthy, spend extra time with mobility and giving your trouble areas some love—before AND after class. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls and bands will become your new best friends and your body will thank you for it. Put extra focus on your wrists, shoulders and hips. Don’t be shy to ask your coach for some mobility tips!

2. Fuel Yourself properly

As you can already tell, you expend a lot of energy doing Crossfit. Make sure you’re eating well and eating enough to fuel your body before and after your workout. Drink enough water throughout the day. What you eat is more important than what you lift. Check out our Nutritional Programming page if you’re interested in a personalized diet program.

3. Drop your ego at the door.

You are only competing against yourself. Don’t let your ego get the best of you, and don’t be too proud to scale. Listen to your body when you are exercising and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Intensity is the short-cut to fitness, but we all need to develop consistency before intensity. Always tell your coach if you have an injury.

4. Don’t know the lingo? No problem.

So many new words…so many new acronyms. Don’t stress, you’ll catch on quicker than you think. Here are a few to help you get started:

  • WOD=Workout Of the Day
  • AMRAP=As Many Reps As Possible
  • ME=Max Effort
  • KBS=Kettle Bell Swing
  • HSPU=Hand Stand Push-Up
  • PR=Personal Record

5. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for clarification. Your coaches are here to help you. It’s better to ask and do it right the first time.

6. It will never be easy.

But who wants easy? Nothing worth having comes easy, especially the level of fitness you want to achieve. You will be sore a lot in the beginning and things will be hard, but the more you come, the less things will suck. Your soreness will be something you learn to love because it’s your body telling you that you have accomplished something.

7. Don’t cherry pick workouts.

Let’s face it, not every workout will be fun. Some will just plain suck and will have movements that aren’t your strongest or your favorite. But those are the times that you’ll have to push yourself harder and you’ll see most improvement. Don’t be too hard on yourself and always celebrate your victories, whether it’s a small PR or your form improves from last time. You never know, the movements you hate in the beginning could end up being your strong suit in a little while.

8. You don’t need any special equipment.

All you need when you first start are some gym clothes, a pair of tennis shoes (preferably something with a flat sole), and a water bottle. After you get some experience you will learn about things that you may want. Again ask your coaches before you go spending a ton of money on trinkets you might not need.

9. Take care of your hands.

Once you start Crossfit and weightlifting, you’ll start to develop calloused and rough hands. This is inevitable and comes with the sport. But with good hand care, your hands don’t have to hurt or rip. Watch our video to learn proper hand care in this sport.

10. Rest.

Given the high intensity of this training, you need at least one rest day per week, preferably two in the beginning. That means rest! Don’t go on a 5-mile run because the gym is closed–relax and let your body recover from all of your hard work. You will be much more efficient in the gym with that adequate recovery period.

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  1. Christy Cabezut

    April 22, 2016, 9:02 pm

    Hello! I joined a wod a few weeks back and loved your box!!! However, I was already tied to paying at another gym. Was going through a fire academy and didnt make it:( so I am living in Long Beach looking for work. If you need a L1 coach with CF Kids and CF Kettlebells please let me know! Would love to be apart of your wonderful community..regardless of employment:)


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