Nutrition Programming

Program_NutritionOur nutrition program is personalized to your body and your needs. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain, or gain muscle, your diet program will be tailored to your individual goals. We will consider your current weight, approximate body fat, and activity level to determine the best diet for you. Our goal is to make dieting as easy as possible, however your goals will not be met without a little hard work. If you do the preparation, you’ll get the results.


First month: $70*

  • Includes initial diet consultation, personalized nutrition plan, food list, serving size examples, recipes and coaching

Monthly: $25 (after first month’s set-up cost)

  • Includes coaching, and weekly, or bi-monthly weigh-ins and diet adjustments. You will also receive additional recipes as our group grows.

*Mandatory 3 month commitment upon sign-up

Contact us to learn more or to get started on your personalized plan.