Nick Kuder

Member Spotlight: Nick Kuder

When did you start CrossFit and how long have you been a member of CrossFit Los Al?
I started January 2016.
Tell us about your athletic background?
Growing up i was a jack of all trades. I played all sports but my focus was basketball. In 2006, I joined the Air Force and was discharged 2012.
What’s your favorite movement, lift, or workout?
I’d say the Bench Press is my favorite, it doesn’t require much movement or mobility.
What made you want to start CrossFit? What were your goals when you started?
I original started CrossFit because a good friend wanted us to have a activity that we could do together that didn’t just involve getting drunk at a bar, and that lead to my very first yoga class at CF Los Al. I had very simple goals when I started. After the military, I developed bad habit’s of fast food, drinking and smoking, effectively destroying my body. Goals were left as simple as not struggling to tie my own shoes, walk unassisted up stairs, walk to the end of a block and not be out of breath.

What’s your most accomplished goal to-date?
It’s hard to tell anymore; I have done more in the past year than I ever could have imagined. Summer Swolestice (in-house competition), Lean Challenge 2017, Crossfit Open 2017, etc.

What goal(s) are you looking forward to hitting next?
First thing I need to do is finish a workout in the time limit, but perhaps this year I might even try to RX a workout.

Do you follow any specific diet?
Following macros started me off into a diet plan—it made me more aware of the types of foods i should be eating. I continue to stay on a more protein-focused diet, but I don’t follow anything too strictly.

What’s your favorite part about CF Los Al?
Easily the people. All the trainers—Dave, Jessica, Jake, Taylor, Jason, The Terminator (aka Laura) and the members make it feel like a privilege to train with them. I have never enjoyed going to the gym, so looking forward to classes is a unique and comforting new experience to self-improvement.

How has your training affected your life outside the gym?
I really cant just place it in any one thing. CrossFit has changed my life in a whole, my mental and physical health continue to improve and hope to continue on the path to a better life.

What advice would you give someone new to CrossFit or thinking about joining?
Beware: we fight bears! Keep an open mind to new movements or lifts. If you are not able to achieve your goal that day, do not give up; except that challenge to yourself and try it next time. The greatest challenge is on the outside looking in, friends await you on the inside ready and willing to help you achieve something more.