The Open is over…now what?

The Open is over! It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments and improvements from last year. For those of you that participated for the first time, you got to see what the CrossFit community at large is all about. For those of you who have done this before I think its safe to say you all made improvements in your fitness over the past year. Our Friday Night Lights this year were different than past years in that we joined forces with 3 other gyms to have big party every week. The spirit of competition was alive and well and I want to applaud all of you who actually made it a point to be at every FNL and perform the workouts not on your home turf. We here at Los Al Athletics could not be more proud of the way each of you represented our community.

A new season is starting. What does that mean? The end of the Open is the end of our training season. Our goal now is to prepare for next years Open. CrossFit is our methodology for fitness, and the Open is where we get to express our fitness and put it on display. This is a sport, and like every sport we have a season. For most of us the season starts and ends with the Open. For a select few of really fit individuals they get to move on to Regionals and possibly The CrossFit Games. If you have never been to Regionals or the Games you should try to do so as they are in our backyard. Regionals are In Del Mar in May and the Games are in Carson in July.

Our training for the next year will be cyclical. We will have 3-4 phases of training throughout the year. Everything will still look like normal CrossFit classes but with a little more emphasis on certain things during each phase. Our first phase will be focussing on strength. There will be a lot of squatting, pressing, pulling in our strength portions of class. Our second phase will focus on weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk) and basic skills. The third phase will also blend a little with the second phase as we work on high skills, like pull-ups, handstands, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, pistols, etc. Our fourth and final phase will focus on building our engines with a lot of conditioning. We will put all aspects of the first 3 phases together and prepare ourselves as best we can for the 2017 CrossFit Open.

Over the past year you probably have learned what your weaknesses are. If something came up in the Open that kept you from finishing a workout make sure you start putting in extra work to make those weaknesses your strengths. If you want to destroy a weakness you have to work on it every week. You have 47 weeks to make improvements for next year. Don’t waste any time! Ask your coaches for help, stay after class or come early to work on things. Come to workshops when we have them. Enter a few competitions throughout the year to test yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Bust your butt in every class and don’t just go through the motions. Take care of your body, eat right, sleep well, and take your recovery seriously. Come to yoga and work on flexibility, stability and balance. Stretch after class to decrease soreness and increase range of motion. Nothing is given to you but everything is in front of you. Set goals and follow through on them. Find a partner and hold each other accountable. We look forward to seeing everyones improvements over this next season.

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