Tip of the Month – Double Unders

Points of Performance for Double Unders

Arm and Hand Position

Keep your elbows in, right next to your ribcage. From there, your hands should track our slightly in front of your hips, so you can see them in the corner of your eyes. When your arms start to straighten and travel away from your body, your rope will shorten and cause you to trip up.

Consistent Jump

You must keep a smooth vertical jump while staying on the balls of your feet. Develop a consistent single under jump before attempting double unders. Your jump should not change for double unders accept for it will be slightly higher. Try not to let any part of your body move forward, back or side to side. Think of the least path of resistance being a straight line, so keep your body as straight up and down as possible.

Wrist Movement

The rotation of the rope should be initiated by your wrists rather than your elbows or arm (don’t roll up the windows). Once you find the wrist flick, you’ll find a good rhythm and coordination between wrists and feet.


With any skill it takes practice and in the case of double unders it may be painful. If you practice, I promise you will eventually get them. Complete your homework assignment 2-3 days a week, before and after class. Practicing skills when you are tired and fatigued is just as important, if not more important then when you are fresh.


30 Double Unders (attempts count)


50 Double Unders

Every time you break, 3 burpees (accumulate and do all of your burpees at the end)


Mini Flight Simulator

Rest as needed between sets

(if you break, start at the beginning of that round)

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